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Nokia 8110i

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Nokia 8110i

The Nokia 8110i was launched in 1999 and quickly became a popular phone for users who were looking for a cell phone with advanced features. This phone has been designed to provide a better user experience with a unique curved design, along with enhanced connectivity and advanced features.

The Nokia 8110i featured a 96 x 65 pixel monochrome display and an easy-to-use button keypad. This phone also had a large number of features, including SMS messaging, WAP connectivity for internet browsing, a calculator, calendar, alarm clock and even a dictaphone.

One of the strengths of the Nokia 8110i was its improved connectivity, which allowed users to connect to the Internet via GPRS, which was state-of-the-art technology at the time. This GPRS connectivity allowed users to browse websites faster and download files faster.

The Nokia 8110i also had a removable and interchangeable battery, which allowed users to easily replace the battery when needed. The Nokia 8110i battery was also strong enough to provide decent battery life for normal use.

The phone was also equipped with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to connect to a computer via USB cable. This allowed users to transfer files and data between their phone and computer conveniently and easily.

In sum, the Nokia 8110i was an innovative and advanced mobile phone for its time. With its improved connectivity, advanced features and unique design, this phone has quickly become popular with cell phone users. If you're looking for a vintage cell phone with advanced features for the era, the Nokia 8110i is a great choice.

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