Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Refurbished Phone?

For us, a refurbished product is a device that has had a previous life:

  • owned by an individual or a company

  • Old stock store / Operator

  • Exposure device / Prototype

  • Collector

Once collected, these phones are checked, tested and configured by our qualified technicians. And, if necessary, they are upgraded and repaired.

In summary, this is a recycled phone, refurbished (reconditioned) and re-offered for sale.

What does "Unlocked" mean?

The mention "unlocked" indicates that our products are unlocked for all operators. That is to say that they work with all French or foreign sim cards.

What condition will my phone be in?

Inside, all our products are fully functional.

Regarding their external appearance, the phones refurbished by us do not show any trace of use. They look like a product fresh from the factory.

What is the battery status?

All our batteries are checked and tested. They have at least 80% of their initial load capacity. In the event that the autonomy performance is not satisfactory, you can invoke your guarantee.

Is the product sold in its original packaging?

Unless otherwise stated, our products are sold with a generic box under the Vintage Mobile brand.

And for the accessories?

Again, unless otherwise specified, phones are sold with charger and battery.

According to the available stock, it is a new compatible model

Is my SIM card compatible with the phone?

Today there are 3 types of sim card:

  1. Standard size

  2. Micro-Sim

  3. Nano-Sim

Depending on the phone models, one of the three sizes will be required for proper use. If you do not have the right size, your operator can provide you with a SIM card holder at a reasonable price.

NB: we strongly advise against cutting the sim card by yourself

How do I know if my breakdown is covered by the warranty?

We invite you to refer to our general warranty conditions.