Nostalgic for your games of "Snake" on your old Nokia 3310, want to own the famous phone of your youth or to affirm your difference? Then you are welcome on this site! Forget your over-connected daily life, here it's BACK TO BASICS! Quite simply.

Vintage Mobile is positioned against the current offer and offers refurbished phones from all eras, all tastes, all brands (even those that have since disappeared!) and for all budgets. We offer you the opportunity to find your phones by refurbishing them, while maintaining a retro and fun aesthetic. Modernity and design in all sobriety.

Vintage Mobile is involved in strong values, in particular in favor of sustainable development. Adopt an ecological approach by recycling these telephones, which are often impossible to destroy, in an environmentally friendly way, but also by reusing products that are still functional.

Hulls, batteries, chargers… if our offer is unique, we are nevertheless just as attentive to your needs as our competitors. Thus, you will find on our online site, all the associated equipment, whether for your Vintage mobiles or your latest refurbished Smartphone.

Young or less young, passionate about vintage objects, simply fed up with hyper-connectivity or for a little pleasure on the side? Join the Vintage Mobile universe.

And another big THANK YOU to everyone who has followed us from the beginning, it's also thanks to you that we're talking.