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Motorola StarTAC 70

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Motorola StarTAC 70

Motorola StarTAC 70 - The Iconic Mobile Phone of the 90s

Introduction: The Motorola StarTAC 70 was one of the first consumer mobile phones to hit the market in 1996. With its innovative design and advanced functionality, it quickly won over consumers around the world.

Technical features: The Motorola StarTAC 70 featured a monochrome LCD display, telescopic antenna, backlit keypad and rechargeable battery. It weighed only 88 grams and measured 94 x 55 x 19 mm.

Iconic design: The design of the Motorola StarTAC 70 was revolutionary for its time, with its clamshell case that folds down to protect the screen and keyboard. It quickly became a symbol of the cell phone era of the 90s.

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