Nokia 6310i: durability and advanced features

The Nokia 6310i was launched in 2002 and quickly became a popular choice for business users and people looking for a reliable and rugged mobile phone. This phone was often considered the perfect choice for people on the go, thanks to its durability and advanced features.

The Nokia 6310i had a built-in antenna, making it one of the first mobile phones to have this feature. This antenna allowed for stronger reception and better communication quality, even in weak signal areas. Additionally, the Nokia 6310i offered an impressive battery life, which could last up to 16 days on standby and up to 4 hours on talk time.

The Nokia 6310i was also equipped with Bluetooth technology, which enabled wireless connectivity for data transfer and file sharing. Additionally, this cell phone offered WAP connectivity for limited but useful Internet browsing, as well as the ability to send SMS and email.

In terms of security, the Nokia 6310i also offered a data encryption feature, which was popular with business users who were concerned about the security of their confidential information.

The Nokia 6310i was also a popular choice for drivers and people on the go thanks to its built-in hands-free functionality. This feature allowed users to make calls while driving without having to hold the phone, improving safety on the road.

Finally, the Nokia 6310i was appreciated for its robust and durable construction, with a solid plastic casing and an easily replaceable battery.

In conclusion, the Nokia 6310i was an iconic cell phone of its time, with advanced features for the time, great reliability, excellent battery life, and solid construction. If you're looking for a reliable and rugged retro cell phone with useful wireless connectivity and great battery life, the Nokia 6310i is a choice worth considering.

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